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     From start to finish, this service proved to be exceptional in every way. They were more than willing to assist me at short notice and handled everything with great professionalism. Thank you for a fantastic job - I will definitely be using them again.
R. Stokes18/12/2023
     What an incredible job these magnificent women did while cleaning up our flat when we moved out! We are very satisfied with their efforts!
L. Ryerson27/11/2023
     As soon as the hired cleaners arrived they began working expeditiously; they were punctual, pleasant and proficient. And the end result exceeded all our expectations.
Frances Evans08/02/2023
     For almost two years now we've had the pleasure of working with ForestdaleCarpetCleaners, who have always provided us with outstanding cleaners for our office space. Highly capable, industrious and meticulous - we'd be stuck without them!
     I hired Forestdale Carpet Cleaning to do all the cleaning jobs I just couldn't face doing. And what a service they provided!
F. Salaun19/05/2020
     I inherited a spacious home from my uncle. Unfortunately, it hadn't been occupied in years and really needed a good deep cleaning. I looked around for cleaning services until I came across Forestdale Carpet Cleaning. They did a wonderful job of making my new house feel more like home. Thank you!
Jeff Swanson20/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaning Services Forestdale are my favourite cleaning agency! I've worked with many service providers in the past but none of them quite made it up to my standards. This company, however, not only works extremely effectively, but is also rather cheap to hire. A win-win!
G. Leary28/10/2016
     The service was great. The team of cleaners arrived at my house right on the dot, their conduct during their time in my house was exemplarily and they didn't leave any additional mess or anything for me to sort out. Thank you very much to everyone at Forestdale Carpet Cleaning for the great service.
     Generally speaking, when I leave reviews for a service or product, I like to think of the pluses and minuses. With ForestdaleCarpetCleaners, there's literally no minus I can think of and they are among the few service providers I have worked with that really did it all perfectly for me. Wonderful, wonderful company with good prices too!
Zoe G.17/03/2015
     ForestdaleCarpetCleaners have made my life so much easier thanks to their cleaning service! Cleaning my home was something that I dreaded, and it's not something I'm good at either! A friend told me about their good experiences with this company so I decided to give them a go, and I'm so glad that I did! Fantastic cleaning, really thorough and very lovely staff too!
James L.29/01/2015
     I got ForestdaleCarpetCleaners over knowing that I was having a visit from my parents soon! Now I know that might sound a bit lazy, but it worked out really well! I'd never actually hired professional cleaners before but came upon the idea when talking to a friend, and believe me, it made all the difference, not only is the work they do really good value, but from watching the cleaner work I'll probably take on board a few tips too. Nice company. Good value, and very professional! If you need any cleaning done go for these guys!
Mike R.23/10/2014
     Carpet cleaning is something that we have to do regularly in my house due to the amount of dirt that gets traipsed in and ground in to the carpets every day. I do not have the time to clean the carpets thoroughly myself and that is why I turned to ForestdaleCarpetCleaners who provided me with a cleaner who was an absolute delight. Their work on our carpets has left the house looking amazing. The carpets look as good as they did on the day they were laid and I can't imagine them being any cleaner!
Andrea A.09/10/2014
     I had heard a lot of good things about this company but I still wasn't sure about hiring a professional cleaner again because I had so many disappointments in the past with other cleaning companies. Have to say though that everything that was promised by ForestdaleCarpetCleaners turned out to be true. The cleaners were brilliant, good fun and helpful and had a great attitude, (other companies take note!) I love their attention to detail when it comes to the cleaning and the fact that things like the skirting boards are done. The price I am charged is extremely reasonable and I am very happy to pay it especially after I see how much cleaner my home is.
Hilary B.13/08/2014
     The dream is real! There is a way of getting your house clean whenever you want without having to lift a finger! ForestdaleCarpetCleaners - a really good and organised cleaning company will sort everything out for you. Whenever we've needed to clean everything thoroughly for a party or for guests coming over, the cleaners at this cleaning company have been available on the day and completely organised with all the products to hand to give our home the cleaning it deserves. I always contact this cleaning agency when I need some help and they always provide a fantastic level of service.
Andrew C.30/06/2014
     I've used cleaning companies in the past but none have managed to impress me as much as ForestdaleCarpetCleaners have. I hire my weekly domestic cleaner from this company, and though I never really write reviews, I just had to come online and thank the company for the ways in which they've helped me. I suffer from a wide range of illnesses that made cleaning my home a horrible and painful task. I've used lots of cleaning companies in the past, and when I friend told me about this one I had to call them. My house has never looked so clean, and my cleaner has definitely redefined the meaning of “professional cleaning.” Everyone compliments me on my house and I never have to worry about the cleaning again! A wonderful company, I'm more than pleased!